Frequently Asked Questions

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Unity Cloud runs on Kubernetes, which means it can run on any cloud provider that provides a service for that (basically all of them!)

We have a range of implementation and architecture models that allow us to integrate anything from old systems with no API up to the latests cloud-native API solutions, and everything in between. We can integrate into files systems, databases or anything with an API with no constraints!

It can be deployed as a managed service on Azure/AWS/Google Cloud or hosted on your own private infrastructure with the correct licensing model.

Unity Cloud has various ways to abstract itself on network traffic where it can access databases on different systems either on cloud or on premise. There are a number of architecture patterns that can meet your data sovereignty requirements.

We use Auth0 and or Octa or SAML 2.0 in the solution.

Each standard Unity Cloud deployment comes with three environments however more can be provided if required.

We provide javascript SDK’s but you can code in any language in your own docker containers and ship them into the platform.

Unity Cloud is both in that it’s flexible to provide both and cater to anything in your organisation. You could utilise our extension based architecture to build apps quickly or utilise the powerful API as a middleware solution.

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